Last Updated: 2 November 2014

In addition to this list, I have a wishlist at which I try to keep updated and my "Do Want" and
"I'd Wear This" boards on Pinterest for more ideas (some of the things from those lists are repeated below).

This stuff....

Pieces of Assyrian Head or Assyrian Silverware (I have lots of forks and some serving pieces). 1847 Rogers.



Here's a good overview of the variations: The Many Faces of Assyrian Head -- Assyrian simply lacks the faces.

Vintage maps or pamphlets related to Victoria or Vancouver Island

tourism pamphlets

postcards or small books/booklets too


Local dark beers, stouts; almost any brew with coffee, chcolate, raspberry or blackberry


Hoyne Espresso Stout, Hoyne Dark Matter, Longwood Berried Alive, Philips Longboat Choclate Porter, Spinnakers Cascadia Dark Ale.... or something I haven't discovered yet!

Tea time...

vintage teapots

A "fancy" teapot -- something white with roses would be my ideal, second hand/vintage is fine, new is OK too. Something big enough for afternoon tea for 3-4.



sodastream bottles

Soda Stream bottles (any size/color)

Little things...

  • tea filter bags (typically Japanese import)
  • silly pencil toppers like devil ducks, sushi, tiki, pirates.... etc. (Zydeco or Oscar & Libby's)
  • Altoids mints (peppermint, cinnamon, or cool honey -- which may be discontinued *sad face*)
  • Espresso chocolate (beans or bars) from Rogers Chocolates, Camino, Denman Island Chocolate, others.


Gift Cards....

  • Starbucks, Keg,
  • Cineplex
  • Bolen Books, Munro's, Russel Books
  •, Google Play
  • London Drugs, WalMart

*Please consider buying graphic novels from Legends Comics if they have them in stock :)