Met Mom and Dad face to face for the first time! I was 8 lbs 11oz, a bit bigger than they expected. They both looked pretty tired but happy.
Came home from the hospital and slept in my own bassinet; more comfy than the plastic thing from the hospital.
Had my first check-up at the doctor's. Lost a little weight (9 oz) but the doctor said that was normal.
Went back to the doctor and gained all my weight back plus one oz. Decided to be naughty and pooped on the doctor's table. Hee hee.
Met my uncle Dale and aunt Heather today. We went out to the airport real late, but I was still awake anyway.
I had my check-up today and weighed in at 11 lbs 1 oz! Boy was Mom ever surprised at how big I was!
Visited the library again. Met lots of people and got a lot of cuddles. Then I played with Mom. She really seemed happy when I smiled back at her a lot.
I was the center of attention at the LETS potluck tonight... until I got tired and cranky then mom & dad took me home.
Went to the doctor today, but that's the last time I see Dr. Jones... Just to make sure they remember me I peed on their scale! Anyway, I am still healthy and now weigh 11 lbs 8 oz.
Mom and Dad left me with Granny tonight! They went on some sort of "date" to a movie and left me for over three hours - so I cried for about two of them.
Mom tried to take my photo today cause she put me in a dress and thought I looked cute. I didn't make it easy for her, so she finally gave up.
Went to see Granny today before Mom drove her to the bus station. She said Granny was going to Ottawa to see uncle Dale, but I didn't even get to see her because I fell asleep. I guess I'll see her when she is back.
Mom took me up to where she works to visit everyone. She said I made her very proud because I was so good for over two hours.
Busy day today! Dad took me for a walk into town and through Chinatown while Mom went shopping. Then Mom made me a new mobile and put up other things for me to look at while I am getting my diaper changed.
Today I rolled on to my left side all by myself!
That rolling thing isn't so hard, now I am trying to keep Mom and Dad on their toes by never being in the same position they left me in my crib. I try to turn sideways or move all the way to one end. Oh, and I am sleeping in my own bedroom most nights now!
People are always asking my Mom who I look like, her or Dad. I think I look like me, but you can decide for yourself.
Mom and Dad bought a bunch of posters for my wall today. Now I can learn the alphabet and numbers when I am ready. Oh, and most people either think I look more like Mom, or a bit like both Mom and Dad.
Busy day! I suprised Mom and Dad by showing them how I had learned to use the music box in my crib! Later, I suprised them again when I showed them how I could wiggle my way to a clear view of the television. Mom was so proud she phoned and emailed all sorts of people.
Mom and Dad took me to this place full of other crying babies today. I knew that wasn't good, so I started crying too. Then we went into another room and this perky lady jabbed a needle in my leg! Boy did I scream. She started ringing some silly tinkerbell in my ear but Mom and Dad put a stop to that nonsense. I was almost calm again when the lady jabbed my other leg! I am sure I heard them talking about when to come back -- like that's going to happen. I slept for ten hours I was so exhausted from crying.
I'm getting real close to rolling over now. I just can't get past my arm. Sometimes I get so frustrated I let out a little yell, then someone comes to talk to me and tell me I will be OK.
Mom and Dad left me with Granny so they could go to a dumb movie again. But my Great Auntie Jeanne came by to visit, so I played with Elmo and her until I got hungry, then I cried lots.
Went to see Dr. McKay for the first time -- charmed him plenty, too. He checked me out (all fine, though he is concerned about my tear duct which has been blocked for a week now); said I am 14 lbs 7 oz and about 24 inches tall. And for some reason doctors seem to care about how big my head is, too. (It's 15 3/4" around -- so what?)
I did it! I rolled over on to my tummy all by myself. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to roll back the other way yet, but Mom rescued me. Then I surprised her and Dad a second time when I let out a real laugh. HA HA!
Now that I have learned how to grab things, I grab everything: toys, clothes, blankets, hair...
Mom went out for her birthday and I didn't even know it. I slept the whole time but she came back with less hair for me to grab! Just for that I gave her a scare later -- I rolled on to my tummy and pinned my arm while I was in bed. When she rolled me over my hand was purple! She's smart though, she just rubbed and rubbed to get back the circulation and even called Dad to make sure she was doing it right.
Mom and Dad took me with Nana, Brittany, Layton and Tim to watch the cheesy fireworks, but I had been awake way too long and the fireworks started too late, so I just cried and screamed until Mom gave up and brought me home.
Mom wanted to finish planting her garden stuff, so she dragged me and Dad outside with her. They put me in some dumb cage-thing (Mom called it a playpen). I didn't complain, but I hope they don't do that too often.
Went for another check-up with Dr. McKay today. Said I was doing just fine (I am up to 14 lbs 14 oz and just over 25 inches tall!) and Mom and Dad could start trying to feed me cereal. I didn't eat much of it cause it felt kind of funny in my mouth.
Mom thinks that since I am drooling on everything and chewing on things that I must be starting teething. Guess she'll have to wait and see if a tooth shows up or if I am just cranky.
Mom and Dad got me all dressed up today and some lady took pictures of me. Tried for half an hour and only got two pictures. One showed my diapers and the other one I had a huge grin.
Mom and me were up in the office and she kept putting paper into a big noisy machine. I like paper, so I ate it when it came out the other side. Mom did not seem happy, but I just looked up at her with big wide eyes and I think she calmed down some.
Went to a stupid rehearsal dinner tonight. Wanted to stay home. Made sure to yell and cry and scream a lot so Mom and Dad would take me home as soon as possible!
Uncle Dale and Auntie Heather got married today. Mom and Dad left me with Auntie Shelly for the ceremony, but I got to steal some of the limelight at the reception. I made sure I was really good.
Dad says I'm a brave little soldier cause I just growled when I got my first shot today. I cried when the nurse jabbed my other leg though. But I was fine later.
Drove up to Shawnigan Lake this afternoon and met Maeve, another person just my size!
Went for a walk with Mom to Starbucks to meet her friend Alynda. She gave me baby-size Teva sandals! I made sure to be extra cute and cuddle her before I had a nap.
I'm six months old today! I still can't crawl but Mom and Dad think I could figure it out any day now. Still no tooth either, and I haven't started making consonant sounds (whatever that is), but hey I can roll both ways and I eat one full solid meal every day, and I can do lots of other stuff.
Ate some peas today, Mom mixed them with cereal. Can't say they are my favourite, but I was good and didn't make a funny face when Mom fed me.
Got a stuffy nose, Dad thinks from him cause he's sick too.
Mom and Dad took me and my cousins to see a movie today. The screen sure was big but after a half hour nap and a half hour of being good on Mom's and Dad's laps I just wanted to go home.
Got my third round of shots today and really surprised Mom and Dad. I didn't complain or cry at all. I even gave the nurse a little smile when she was done. I got all full of giggles later at night, too. Oh yeah, I weigh 16 lbs 12 oz now.
Mom and Dad took me to a big room full of water today. They said it was swimming lessons. It was OK I guess.
This time when I went to the "swimming" I had fun. Learned how to splash and even giggled a bit. But Mom and Dad don't like it when I try to drink the water. Hey if they're going to put my face in it....
Decided that sleeping at night takes a lot of effort. Last few nights I have been waking up when it's still dark and not going back to sleep til Mom or Dad played with me for a while.
I found a new noise I could make today. Mom called it "wheezing". It really freaked her out I guess cause we went to this place with nurses and doctors and stuff and waited around most of the day. It was fine until they strapped me in to some plexiglass baby-torture device to take a picture inside my chest (At least Dad was there to hold my hand). So anyway, at least I got to sleep last night.
My cousin Layton did a project all about me for his class. Dad and Auntie Shelly went with me to his class; Mom watched Brittany. Layton's teacher thought I was a wonderful baby.
I sat in my highchair today! (Well, I kind of slouched, but I got to hang out with Mom and Dad in the kitchen while they made dinner.)
Yesterday was my cousin's ninth birthday and today was her party. We went to SilverCity to see Monsters Inc.. The movie was OK but I got all squirmy towards the end and Mom and Dad took turns taking me out into the hallway. After the movie was kinda crummy cause they crammed us all in this little room and it was hot. I think Brittany still had a good birthday though.
Really staring to get the hang of this crawling thing now. I get most of my practice chasing the kitties.
Figured out how to crawl over things like pillows and table legs and Mom and Dad. Mom is calling this my "over under through around" phase.
Went to my last Water Babies class today but had lots of fun splashing around and stuff.
We went out to Shawnigan Lake for a birthday party for one of Dad's friends. Everyone thought I was so cute and I was really good until I got hungry. Then after I ate I was good again.
Mom and Dad took me to the doctor today because my eye was all goey yesterday. But it was better when the doctor saw me and they thought maybe I could go without any ooky eye medicine.
I woke up in the middle of the night but Mom and Dad were already up. They took me to the hospital and I thought I was going to have to get more x-rays, but then Dad went in to see someone (his foot was sore) so I fell asleep.
I have been a bit cranky and chewing on my hand all day because I am finally cutting my first tooth!
End of Diary
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