Milestones & Firsts

12Mar2001  First saw the world. [see photo]
14Mar2001  First slept at home. [see photo]
16Mar2001  First check-up with the Doctor.
20May2001  Rolled onto my side from my back
6June2001  Figured out how to work music box. [see photo]
26June2001  Two firsts: rolled from my back on to my tummy and let out my first real laugh, "Ha-ha!"
12July2001  First tried cereal (oatmeal).
30July2001  Sat for first portrait... well sort of sat. [see photo]
27Sept2001  Started eating different foods (peas were my first).
9Oct2001  Went to my first movie, Spy Kids (mostly I slept and squirmed).
22Oct-28Nov2001  Attended first swimming class. [see photo]
Nov2001  Started crawling; took about two weeks to gain speed and another two to learn how to crawl over stuff.
8Nov2001  Sat/slouched in my highchair for the first time. [see photo]
18Dec2001  Cut my first tooth yesterday; second today.
22Dec2001  First visit with Santa. [see photo]
1Jan2002  Sat up straight, all by myself. [see photo]
Feb2002  Started trying to feed myself with a spoon.
12Feb2002  Started using furniture to pull myself up to stand.
9Mar2002  First birthday party!
Apr2002  Started using a fork by myself.
1May2002  Started trying to stand up from the floor.
15May2002  Played with sand and climbed on a playset at Beacon Hill park.
12June2002  First upper and lower molars almost in (total teeth: 10)
24June2002  Out of my crib and into my toddler bed.
3July2002  Learning binge: stacking objects, kissing goodbye, knocking on doors, dancing [see photo]
11July2002  Started walking!
July2002  Started to use phrases like "Hi Daddy" and "Hi guys"
15July02  Moved a footstool so I could reach higher stuff. [see photo]
Aug2002  I can walk for longer distances now.
9Aug2002  Tried bowling. Maybe a bit too early yet.
22Aug2002  Working on two more lower teeth (total teeth:12)
Sept2002  Started trying more words (found "juice" and "shoes"). Learned how to climb into adult chairs at the computer desk and at the dining table.
Sept-Oct2002  Learning to scribble with crayons and chalk and whatever else I can grab. [see picture]
31Oct2002  First Trick-Or-Treating! (dressed as Minnie Mouse).
Nov2002  Learned how to scold ("No,no,no,no!" while pointing); tried picking up a kitten and applied that to our cat.
21Nov2002  Two more molars (they were tough)! (total teeth: 14)
Dec02  I am adding more words. I now say "book," "yeah," "morning," "Nana," "thank-you," and "ball,"; I can almost say "Layton," and "Pebbles."
13Dec02  This year's visit to Santa was not met with glee. I would not sit on his lap or even nearby.
20Dec02  I have been really concentrating on writing letters. I see them everywhere and my scribbling has turned into individual scribbles which are starting to look like letters or numbers. [see picture]
25Dec02  Second Christmas and I really started to understand what this gift thing is about. Found a new friend today: chicken dance Elmo!
27Dec02  Met my cousin Gavin. He's small, and people were paying more attention to him than to me. Got tired of opening presents after the first three today. How many times do I have to do this?
January 2003  This month has been really busy: I have learned how to walk up and down stairs (when I hold Mom or Dad's hand), and how to open boxes, and
25Jan03  Pushed my own shopping cart around Save-On Foods; tried to add bacon to the cart but Dad took it out. Got tired of waiting for Mom and Dad to make breakfast so got the crackers out of the cupboard myself.
12Mar03  Birthday number 2 today! I tried to pick all the icing off the cake Mom made for me (with a Blues Clues pawprint in one corner). Got lots of toys and clothes and books!
28Mar03  Sick again -- another ear infection. This time Mom and Dad got me some chocolate chewy things with the medicine inside instead of that disgusting chalky liquid.
24April03  Snuck past Mom while she was cooking lunch and climbed up all the way to the office to get my playdough (I carried it all the way down too).
25June03  I now weigh 34 lbs and am just under 3 feet tall (35 1/2 inches). I can recognize letters and I am talking a lot more. I can say short phrases like "Hey look! Right there!".
July03  My biggest change is that I am speaking constantly. I have started to direct Mom and Dad ("That way!") and I have figured out the telephone (I have had a few short conversations).
1Aug03  I used the potty today for the first time!
3Aug03  I am talking to my favourite TV characters now (Dora, Blue, Elmo and Ernie) and can say some Spanish words like libro, largo and corto.
30Aug03  I have started drawing recognizable pictures now. Click the link for a drawing I did of Mickey Mouse. [see picture]