Milestones & Firsts

I wasn't sure what to do with my stocking at first, but eventually I dumped it all on the coffee table. Inside was: blues clues cards, alphabet flash cards, some tiny stuffed animals, a Monsters Inc. figure, a little book, and a Santa finger puppet.

Next we got to open presents under our tree. From Santa, Mommy, and Daddy I got a puzzle, a barn with people and animals, an abacus, a slide with three cars, and a pretty little princess finger puppet.

From Uncle Mikey I got some candy canes; from Papa Jackson I got a "Tessa" doll; and from my Great Great Aunt Mabel I got a cuddly stuffed bunny.

After lunch, Nana, Auntie Shelly, Layton, and Brittany came by. They brought more stuff. I got a toy doll stroller, a baby doll, a Teddy Bear, an ornament for the tree, some Bob the Builder Lego, some clothes, socks and shoes, Chicken-Dance Elmo (the big hit of the day), some videos, a CD of kids music, a puzzle and fruit leather in my stocking!

Around 4 o'clock Auntie Ronnie came over (I got a pretty dress from her); and then Grandpa came by and he brought me a Tonka model tow-truck and a hundred pieces of Mega Blocks.


On Wednesday, we went over to my Granny's house because my Uncle Dale, Auntie Heather and cousin Gavin were in town. Gavin was asleep when we got there though. My Auntie Jeanne also came over and we all opened presents for a while. I got a very cool set of Play-Doh toys (from Auntie Jeanne), a beautiful hand-sewn bathrobe (from Granny), a Zoboomafoo doll (from Granny), and Zoboomafoo software (from Auntie Heather and Uncle Dale).

Soon Gavin woke up but he seemed kind of freaked out and whenever he cried, I cried too. Eventually, after dinner and naps for both of us, we did get to spend a little time together. I also got books, a video (Ice Age), some toy trucks, and a toy plane, lots of pretty clothes, and a pretty teddy bear picture for my bedroom. Granny also made me a quilt and two pillows for my bed!


 Thank-You to everybody! 

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