Christmas 2003

Christmas started early this year, on December 6th when Uncle Dale and Auntie Heather sent me a new bed and bedside table. On Christmas Eve, after dinner at Nana's with Ronnie, we opened all the presents under their tree. I got a VCR, a little keyboard with a microphone, some Cat in the Hat pyjamas (I'm wearing them in the photos below), some nice new clothes, two videos, some dress-up clothes and shoes, chocolate and gummy bears.

Even with all those presents, I was still more interested in playing with what Layton and Brittany got: a Matrix Reloaded playset and a Bratz spa playset.

When I first got up (sleepy because Mom woke me up at 8:00) I got to see what Santa left under the tree: a Buzz Lightyear toy and a Christmas with Teddy book. There were lots of other presents, but Mommy and Daddy said I had to wait until everyone else got here.

Next was my stocking. I had been asking for it all week and now, I got to open it! Inside were stickers, a Barbie doll, two Kelly dolls, a Tonka news helicopter, a Piglet Pez dispenser, a Koosh ball, a toy motorcycle, a Nemo toy, two Winne the Pooh board books, chocolate, and a few other little things.


Once Nana, Auntie Shelly, Layton, Brittany and Grandpa arrived, Daddy served breakfast and then we got to open presents. I got a fun beanbag toss target from Mommy and Daddy as well as two pairs of pyjamas and a nightie, a soccer t-shirt and a soccer ball, some colouring books and crayons, some videos and a cool Barbie fold-out sofa which I curled up in right away.

Gavin sent me a book called Olivia about a little pig and Uncle Mikey gave me a chocolate orange. Grandpa brought me a phone, a bunch of Hot Wheels cars, some furniture for my Barbie dolls and a whole bunch of pennies!

After a little nap, we headed over to Granny's house, where Granny and Auntie Jeanne were waiting with even more presents! From Auntie Jeanne I got new Spiderman PJ's and some other clothes plus she made me a Winnie The Pooh rug for beside my bed. Granny made me a felt board and magnet board and gave me a big box of beads and some lace-up animals, some new blocks and a new tea set, a new bath robe and more clothes.

After we left Granny's, Mom and Dad drove the long way home to look at the lights, but I was too worn out and fell asleep in the car. It was a really good Christmas, though and I am really happy and thankful for everything I got.

When I finally went to bed late Christmas night, I took my Buzz Lightyear to bed, read him a story about Woody then cuddled up with him to sleep.

Videos to download (wmv format):